Matt Burbank


Born in Utica, MI USA

Metal Artist and Designer

Matt is a custom metal artist and sculptor. He has lived in Michigan, Northern California and Sun Valley, Idaho. The inherent beauty of these places has significantly inspired his designs. Before choosing to devote all of his time to his metal work, Matt was a dedicated craftsman in the construction trades, building homes, bridges and buildings. He is also a skilled maker of fine jewelry.


Matt works primarily with steel and copper. For one client he creates a beautiful three-dimensional steel mural of the client's favorite ocean scene. For another client, he merges his construction experience with his metal artistry to build a striking one-of-a-kind functional piece. Whether his work is decorative or functional, large or small, he designs and creates unique works of art. Matt also collaborates well with architects, contractors, designers and other artisans to fabricate that distinct part of the project that can only be crafted with metal.